Unlike any other Emergency Communication alternatives, DORRIS give you a fast and reliable alerts on Emergency situation in your area using different modern technologies, employing them to work together FOR YOUR SAFETY, alerting you on any Emergency situation in your area in matter of seconds, for your precise position. Modern technologies and innovative approach used by DORRIS granting you to be alerted on emergency situation timely.

Last 30 days emergency events

DORRIS Active Events Afghanistan Drought - Twenty out of 34 provinces, Afghanistan
DORRIS Active Events Atacama Rain - Atacama, Chile
DORRIS Active Events USA Snow Storm - New York, United States, 8 killed
DORRIS Active Events Storm Gaja - India, India, 35 killed
DORRIS Active Events California Fires - California, United States, 74 killed
DORRIS Active Events Spain Storm - Valencia, Murcia, Andalusia, Catalonia, Spain
DORRIS Active Events Popocatepetl volcano eruption - Puebla, Mexico
DORRIS Active Events Zimbabwe Vehicle Accident - Gwanda, Zimbabwe, 40 killed
El Fuego volcano eruption - Fuego volcano, Guatemala, 190 killed
Solomon Islands Earthquake - Kira Kira, Solomon Islands
Valparaiso earthquake - Valparaiso, Chile
Falkland Islands Earthquake - Falkland Islands, Argentina
Kuwait Extreme Weather - Nation-wide, Kuwait, 1 killed
USA bus accident - Memphis, United States, 2 killed
Kongcun Explosion - Kongcun, China, 6 killed
Afghanistan Terror Attack - Kabul, Afghanistan, 19 killed
Spain Explosion - Guadix, Spain, 3 killed
Europe Infrastructure Disruption - Norway, Finland
Uganda Fire - Rakai District, Mozambique, 20 killed
Kuwait Flash Flood - Nation-wide, Kuwait, 1 killed
Sichuan Landslide - Sichuan Province, China, 15 killed
Marseille building collapse - Marseille, France, 8 killed
Jordan flash floods - Petra, Jordan, 33 killed
Rio de Janeiro Mudslide - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 10 killed
Ghana ritual killing - Tema Newtown, Please select, 16 killed
Philippines Biological Hazard - Visayas, Mindanao, Philippines
Somalia Terror Attack - Mogadishu, Somalia, 28 killed
Woolsey Fire - Los Angeles, United States
Jan Mayen earthquake - Arctic Ocean, Norway
Shelly Beach Shark Attack - Ballina, New South Wales, Australia
Japan Rubella Epidemic - Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama prefectures, Japan
Indonesia flood - West Sumatra, West Java, Indonesia, 8 killed
Thousand Oaks shooting - Ventura County, United States, 13 killed
Italy Storm - Veneto, Liguria, Italy, 32 killed
Manicaland Vehicle Accident - Manicaland, Zimbabwe, 47 killed
Brakna Vehicle Accident - Nouakchott, Mauritania, 11 killed
Storm Xena - Italy, France
Storm Adrian - East Anglia, Kent, United Kingdom
Hurricane Oscar - Ireland, United Kingdom
Typhoon Yutu - Philippines, Taiwan, Taiwan, 16 killed
Baltimore Technological Disaster - Baltimore, United States, 2 killed
Krasnodar Flash Flood - Krasnodar Krai, Please select, 6 killed
Chongqing Vehicle Accident - Province of Gansu, China, 14 killed
Sonipat Vehicle Accident - Sonipat, India, 12 killed
Philippines Landslide - Natonin, Paracelis, Philippines, 17 killed
Calabria Landslide - Isola di Capo Rizzuto, Italy, 14 killed
Saudi Arabia Extreme Weather - Riyadh, , Saudi Arabia, 14 killed
Spain tornado - Menorca, Spain
Iraq HAZMAT - Basra, Iraq
Sulawesi Indonesia Earthquake - Sulawesi, Indonesia, 2087 killed
Java plane crash - Java, Indonesia, 189 killed
Jordan Flash Flood - Ma in Hot Springs, Jordan, 21 killed
Tuapse flood - Tuapse, Russia, 6 killed
Pennsylvania incident - Pittsburgh, United States, 8 killed
Hurricane Willa - USA, Mexico
Texas floods - Texas, United States, 7 killed
Storm Vicente - Tapachula, Mexico, 12 killed
Taiwan Vehicle Accident - Luodong, Taiwan, 17 killed
France Floods - Aude, France, 31 killed
Caldas Flood - Caldas, Colombia, 12 killed
Cyclone Titli - Odisha, India, 62 killed
Tunisia Flood - Nabeul, Sidi Bouzid, Ben Arous, Tunis and Kasserine, Tunisia, 5 killed
Kerch Explosion - Kerch, Ukraine, 19 killed
Storm Luban - Yemen, Oman, 3 killed
Hurricane Leslie - France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, 31 killed
Tropical Storm Michael - Florida, United States, 35 killed

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