Why DORRIS Emergency Management Communication?

Unlike any other Emergency Management Communication alternatives, we give you a fast and reliable Emergency alerts in your area using different modern technologies and innovation, employing them together FOR YOUR SAFETY. DORRIS can alert people in matter of seconds.

Public Relations
In event of emergency timely and proper informing of people is very important. DORRIS allow you to publish events in your region from a single control panel and share them with public. Quickly publish news, updates, alerts, photos and videos and to keep people informed on situation development.
Mobile Alert
Ones when you issued alert in our Emergency Management database, all users of smartphones and iPhones will be alerted in matter of seconds, for their exact position at the moment when you issue alert. DORRIS automatically alert people by car board computer on danger in affected area.
SMS Alert
For those persons who use cell phone, automatic alert will be delivered by text message in selected area. Don't miss chance to send important life saving information's to all citizens in your area! This technology have some limitations but is still good when you need to alert people.
Web and Email Alert
DORRIS can show your alert on public websites and web portals in your local area the same moment when you issue it! For persons who often check their email account and for Public Media, send alert by email directly into their mail box. This process is authomatic on DORRIS system.
Smart City Alert
More and more cities today implement new technologies and become "Smart". DORRIS Emergency Communication system allows you to alert your citizens on danger, at same second when you issue alert using all available advertising panels and signs in your Smart city.
Share on Social Networds
Ones when you have published dangerous event in your area, share it with all popular Social Media with only one click. Good tool to inform publicity on dangerous event and share updates over Social Media. All readers can share news and updates, lightspeed spreading alert to all friends.

Last 7 days active emergency events

DORRIS Active Events Europe Snowstorm - Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Poland, Czech, Greece, 27 killed, 200 Injured, 12 days ago
DORRIS Active Events US Snow Storm - Dakota, Nebraska and Minnesota, United States, 18 killed, 19 days ago
DORRIS Active Events Rajasthan Swine flu - Rajasthan, India, 36 killed, 905 Injured, 9 days ago
Argentina flooding - Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, 4 killed, 7 days ago
Bogota Terrorist Attack - Bogota, Colombia, 11 killed, 87 Injured, Today
Tripoli clashes - Tripoli, Libya, 10 killed, 41 Injured, Today
Israel snowstorm - Nation-wide, Israel, 8 days ago
Storm Norma - Nation-wide, Lebanon, 45 Injured, 8 days ago
Kabul Terrorist Attack - Kabul, Afghanistan, 4 killed, 90 Injured, 3 days ago
Montreal HAZMAT - Montreal, Canada, 43 Injured, 3 days ago
Odukpani Explosion - Cross River State, Nigeria, 8 killed, 22 Injured, 4 days ago
Rancaekek Tornado - Rancaekek District, Indonesia, 16 Injured, 6 days ago
Narendrapur Explosion - Narendrapur, India, 16 Injured, 4 days ago
Tehran plane crash - Tehran, Iran, 1 killed, 16 Injured, 4 days ago
Snow Storm Alexa - Sidon, Akkar, Lebanon, 4 killed, 55 Injured, 11 days ago
Guayaquil blaze - Guayaquil, Ecuador, 18 killed, 12 Injured, 4 days ago
Shaanxi coal mine accident - Shenmu, China, 21 killed, 4 days ago
Krakatoa volcano eruption 2019 - Sunda Strait , Indonesia, 15 days ago
Niassa thunderstorm - Niassa, Mozambique, 9 killed, 14 Injured, 7 days ago
Tropical Cyclone Penny - Queensland, Australia, 15 days ago
New York Carbon Dioxide leak - New York City, United States, 6 Injured, 5 days ago
Paris explosion - Paris, France, 3 killed, 47 Injured, 6 days ago
Bulgaria Avalanche - Bansko, Bulgaria, 2 killed, 6 days ago
Auckland car accident - Auckland, New Zealand, 1 killed, 10 Injured, 6 days ago
Ottawa bus accident - Ottawa, Canada, 3 killed, 23 Injured, 6 days ago
Guantanamo bus accident - Guantanamo, Cuba, 7 killed, 33 Injured, 6 days ago

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