UK heatwave

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Published Monday, September 10, 2018

Nearly 1,000 more Brits than average have died since the start of the record heatwave - as the country braces itself for what could be the worst summer death toll in 15 years.

Public Health England said there is evidence excess summer deaths are the result of heat related conditions.

Deaths were up in all seven weeks from June 2 to July 20, which saw highs up to 35C, Office for National Statistics figures for England and Wales showed.

Since the start of the summer , which has been even hotter than 1976, 995 people more than average have passed away.

Many victims this summer have been elderly and pensioners groups said the death toll is a “tragedy”.

With a hot August ahead, they warned of the worst excess summer deaths total since 2003, when 2,139 Brits died due to the record 38.5C heatwave, the Department of Health said.

National Federation of Occupational Pensioners chief executive Malcolm Booth said: “This summer’s deaths totals are terrible figures and a tragedy for families affected. “It's the extreme heat which is killing people.

"This summer risks excess deaths approaching the very high figures seen in 2003.”

Public Health England’s Heatwave Plan for England said: “There is strong evidence that excess summer deaths are indeed ‘extra’ and are the result of heat-related conditions.”

A Government Level 2 alert put hospitals on alert for an increase in admissions and ordered health and social workers to prepare to make daily contact with the ill, vulnerable and elderly.
Source: DORRIS

UK heatwave Facts

Power: 0
Affected Area: 500 km.
Alert Level: Red
Category: Met
Response: Shelter
Severity: Extreme
Urgency: Past
Certainty: Observed

Killed: 3134

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