Typhoon Yutu

Updated: 11/1/2018 2:01:19 AM
At least 15 people have been killed and dozens more are missing after Typhoon Yutu hit the Philippine on Tuesday, say authorities.
The deaths were mostly due to landslides caused by heavy rains in the mountainous region of Cordillera in the northern part of the country, said the national disaster risk reduction management council.
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Updated: 10/31/2018 5:44:05 AM
After departing the Philippines, Tropical Storm Yutu will now impact Taiwan, China, in the coming days.
At least nine people were killed across Luzon as the powerful typhoon battered the region.
As many as two dozen others remain missing following a landslide in Natonin. Four people were rescued from the landslide on Wednesday.
In advance of the storm's arrival, more than 10,000 people were evacuated from high risk areas.
Impacts from Yutu are expected to remain east of Hong Kong this week with the risk for flooding rainfall from eastern Guangdong into southeast Fujian.
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Updated: 10/30/2018 4:39:15 AM
Typhoon Yutu is battering the northern Philippines, where thousands of people have been evacuated to avoid a repeat of the death and destruction wrought by a powerful storm last month.
Officials say Typhoon Yutu slammed into Dinapigue town in northeastern Isabela province before dawn on Tuesday with sustained winds of 150km/h and gusts of up to 210km/h. It knocked down trees and power posts and ripped roofs off small houses, but there were no immediate reports of casualties.
More than 10,000 villagers moved to safety in northern provinces before Yutu hit.
It is expected to blow out of the northern Philippines later on Tuesday after barging westward across provinces that were damaged by Typhoon Mangkhut in mid-September.
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Updated: 10/29/2018 2:11:27 AM
The Philippines raised storm warning levels on Monday and began evacuating some coastal communities in the path of a typhoon that threatened storm surges, landslides and floods triggered by heavy winds and rain.
By mid-morning on Monday, Yutu was about 400 km east of the mainland and had weakened to sustained wind speeds of 150 km per hour, with gusts of 185 kph, from 170 kph recorded a few hours earlier.
Authorities in Isabela and Cagayan provinces started moving residents in coastal towns to evacuation centers while the mountainous Cordillera region was put on red alert for landslides.
Three provinces in north Luzon were elevated to warning signal 3 on the severity scale of 5, and 28 more put on the earliest warnings of 1 and 2, with strong winds and rains expected later on Monday.
School classes were suspended in at least five provinces and fishermen in Luzon and the eastern seaboard advised not to go to sea, with warnings of storm surges of up to three meters in six provinces. All boat services in the port city of Batangas, about 83 km south of Manila, were suspended on Monday.
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Updated: 10/28/2018 5:11:41 AM
President Donald Trump declared a major disaster in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands from Super Typhoon Yutu, opening the door to a range of federal assistance for recovery, but thousands of Saipan and Tinian residents are still without access to drinking and tap water as of Saturday.
South Korea, meanwhile, sent a military transport plane to Saipan to bring home more than 1,000 stranded Korean tourists because of Yutu, state-run Yonhap News Agency said.

Yutu, called Rosita in the Philippines, will bring flooding rain, tree-snapping winds and a life-threatening storm surge when it comes ashore. Luzon is the largest and most populous island in the Philippines, home to some 53 million people.
Rosita will likely hit the Cagayan-Isabela area on Tuesday morning. It will stir moderate to heavy rains in Northern and Central Luzon as early as Monday afternoon, PAGASA said. "Flooding and landslides are possible. Travel by land and sea is risky," PAGASA said. Storm surges are possible in coastal areas of Cagayan and Isabela, it said. Public storm warning signals may be raised by Sunday evening, the weather bureau said. The lowest warning, signal number 1, could be raised in Metro Manila on Monday.
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Updated: 10/27/2018 2:54:20 AM
Typhoon Yutu has maintained its strength as it moves nearer the Philippine area of responsibility, state weather bureau PAGASA said early Saturday.
It continues to pack maximum sustained winds of 185 kilometers per hour (kph) at the center, with gusts of up to 225 kph.
The 18th tropical cyclone to enter the country this year, the typhoon is forecast to enter PAR by Saturday morning and will be named Rosita.

Super Typhoon Yutu ripped through the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. territory of some 55,000 people in the Pacific, early Thursday local time as one of the strongest recorded tropical cyclones to make landfall anywhere on the planet.
With maximum sustained winds of 180 mph, Yutu was the most powerful storm on Earth this year and the second-strongest ever to strike U.S. soil, topped only by the Labor Day hurricane that hit the Florida Keys in 1935. The eye of Yutu passed over the islands of Tinian and Saipan, causing what National Weather Service meteorologist Brandon Aydlett described as “catastrophic damage.”
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Updated: 10/26/2018 1:12:18 AM
Residents of a US island chain in the Pacific Ocean are braced for months without electricity or running water after being slammed with the strongest storm to hit America for decades. One person is reported to have died.
Even after Super Typhoon Yutu had moved away from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands near Guam, residents were warned by emergency management officials to stay indoors because downed power lines blocked roadways and winds were still strong enough to make driving dangerous.
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Updated: 10/25/2018 4:45:05 AM
Super Typhoon Yutu slammed into the US territory of the Northern Mariana Islands Wednesday night, destroying homes and cutting power and water to thousands of residents.
"Tinian has been devastated by Typhoon Yutu," Mayor of Tinian and Aguigan, Joey Patrick San Nicolas, said in a video posted to Facebook. "Many homes have been destroyed, our critical infrastructure has been compromised. We currently have no power and water at this time."
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Updated: 10/24/2018 6:00:38 AM
Officials issued an urgent warning for Saipan and Tinian, urging everyone - including emergency responders - to stay indoors until the catastrophic winds of Super Typhoon Yutu had passed.
"Super Typhoon Yutu is being projected to be the strongest storm to pass over the Marianas in recent history, packing winds in excess of 266 to 282 km/h with gusts expected to be over 322 km/h by midnight," according to an announcement from the Northern Marianas Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management and the National Weather Service.
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Updated: 10/24/2018 1:18:46 AM
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo has declared the island of Guam in Condition of Readiness 2.
COR 2 means damaging winds are expected within 24 hours. Supertyphoon Yutu is expected to pass between Tinian and Rota early Thursday morning as a category 3 or category 4 typhoon.
The storm is packing maximum sustained winds of over 240 km per hour, according to the National Weather Service in Guam.
Yutu is expected to continue intensifying through at least Friday and is forecast to pass near Tinian as an extremely dangerous Category 5 typhoon.
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Updated: 10/22/2018 9:15:10 AM
Tropical Storm Yutu is expected to intensify before passing north of Saipan Thursday as a Category 3 typhoon, possibly a Category 4 typhoon.
Chia Hsin-hsing, director of Weather Risk, explained that the atmospheric environment around Yutu is favorable for the development of a typhoon, and stated, "Yutu will grow larger, because the sea is warm and wind sheer is weak."
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Published Monday, October 22, 2018

Tropical Depression Yutu is expected to reach typhoon strength before hitting the Northern Marianas Wednesday night or Thursday, but it isn't likely to cause damage on Guam, according to Chip Guard, warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Yutu could become a Category 3, or possibly Category 4 storm, Guard said during a briefing at Guam Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense Monday morning.

The depression formed overnight and could become a tropical storm by Monday evening, the meteorologist said.

A typhoon watch will likely begin Monday night for Saipan and the Northern Marianas, Guard said.
Source: DORRIS

Typhoon Yutu Facts

Power: 5
Affected Area: 200 km.
Alert Level: Red
Category: Met
Response: Shelter
Severity: Extreme
Urgency: Immediate
Certainty: Observed

Killed: 16
Injured: 31
Missing: 20
Evacuated: 199259

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