Afghanistan Terror Attack

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Published Monday, November 12, 2018

An explosion that took place in Kabul on Monday, left the city shaken in fear and trauma as the site of the explosion is close to the place where scores of Afghans had been protesting against Taliban attacks on the minority Hazara ethnic group.

The blast took place in front of a high school in the downtown area of the Afghan capital.

Although as per police reports, 10 to 15 casualties could be seen with bodies lying on the ground, a photograph shared in WhatsApp messaging app revealed several bodies laying on the ground.

This concludes that the casualties of the explosion are pretty high with several people being dead. According to a witness of the explosion, Qais Nawabi, "It was a huge blast near Istiqlal high school, very close to where the demonstrators were gathering."

A police officer, present at the site of the last after the incident, told the media that "It is hard to see whether it was a suicide attack or a bomb (that had been planted)."

The blast was aimed at harming hundreds of protesters, including university students as they were all gathered in the streets of Kabul to demand the deployment of reinforcements to Hazara-dominated districts in Ghazni province which have been attacked by the Taliban.
Source: DORRIS

Afghanistan Terror Attack Facts

Power: 0
Affected Area: 1 km.
Alert Level: Red
Category: Safety
Response: Shelter
Severity: Extreme
Urgency: Immediate
Certainty: Observed

Killed: 19

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