Saladin Flood

Updated: 11/27/2018 1:02:18 AM
Aid agencies and government workers in Iraq scrambled on Tuesday to support tens of thousands of displaced people caught in flooding that killed at least 21 people.
Hundreds more were injured when rising waters swept several Iraqi provinces in the south and north over the past few days. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and tens of thousands of families displaced to safer areas, Iraqi officials and international humanitarian missions to Iraq said on Monday.
Villages near the town of Shirqat, 250 kilometers north of Baghdad and camps for the displaced in Qiyyara and Jaddaa south of Mosul were the hardest hit. All three sites are near the Tigris river.
Source: DORRIS

Published Saturday, November 24, 2018

Flash floods in northern Iraq have killed at least nine people, including women and children, and severely damaged thousands of homes, officials said Friday.

According to local health and security authorities, heavy flooding inundated the town of Al-Shirqat in Saladin province northwest of Baghdad following days of heavy rainfall in the area.

Local officials, meanwhile, reported that as many as 300 homes have been heavily damaged by the floods, especially in Nineveh and Kirkuk provinces.
Source: DORRIS

Saladin Flood Facts

Power: 0
Affected Area: 50 km.
Alert Level: Green
Category: Met
Response: Monitor
Severity: Extreme
Urgency: Immediate
Certainty: Observed

Killed: 21

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