SarPol-e Zahab Earthquake

Updated: 11/27/2018 1:05:01 AM
More than 700 people have been injured in a 6.3-magnitude earthquake that struck western Iran on Sunday night, state television reports.
The epicentre was in Kermanshah province, where last year more than 600 people were killed in the country's deadliest earthquake in over a decade.
Tremors were reportedly felt across the wider region, with reports of at least one death in nearby Iraqi Kurdistan.
"We have had 729 injured, 700 of them have been treated and released... some 18 people have been hospitalised," the provincial governor, Houshang Bazvand, told state TV on Monday.
Source: DORRIS
Updated: 11/26/2018 12:50:53 AM
Dr. Mahmoud Reza Moradi, the head of Kermanshah's university of medical science, told Iranian state television that 513 people were hurt.
Most of the injuries appeared to be minor; the semi-official ISNA news agency reported that only 33 people needed to be hospitalized.
Authorities said dozens of rescue teams were immediately deployed after the quake stopped and the country's army and its paramilitary Revolutionary Guard were responding.
Officials reported damage at buildings both in town and in rural Kermanshah, as well as to some roadways.
Source: DORRIS

Published Sunday, November 25, 2018

At least 200 people were injured in a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck near the border with Iraq, Iran's semi-official Fars News Agency reported. Earthquake was about 6 miles deep and 12 miles from Sarpol Zahab, Kermanshah province, the USGS said. Iran state TV gave the depth as 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). Such shallow earthquakes have broader damage.

Buildings were damaged in various rural areas in SarPol-e zahab and Qasr-e-Shirin, causing walls of some homes to fall, says Fars.
Tremors could be felt as far away as Baghdad.

Source: DORRIS

SarPol-e Zahab Earthquake Facts

Power: 6.3
Affected Area: 1 km.
Alert Level: Yellow
Category: Geo
Response: Shelter
Severity: Extreme
Urgency: Immediate
Certainty: Observed

Injured: 729

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