China bus crashed

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Published Saturday, December 1, 2018

At least five people are dead and more than 30 injured after a bus ferrying airport staff to work crashed into a stationary taxi on the island of Tsing Yi this morning.

The collision happened on the North West Tsing Yi Interchange about 5am near exit of the the Nam Wan Tunnel as the bus approached the Tsing Ma bridge, according to reports.

According to police, the dead include the male driver of the taxi and four passengers from the bus, including two men and two women.

The coach was carrying workers from five companies providing services at the airport to their jobs, including staff from Cathay Pacific.

Several more bus passengers were in a serious condition, reported Apple Daily.

The injured have been sent to four hospitals around Hong Kong, with 37 people involved in the crash.

Speaking to reporters at the scene, superintendent Michael Yip said the preliminary investigation suggested the taxi driver had stopped in the left lane about 40 seconds prior to being struck by the bus.

The cabbie reportedly had turned his hazard lights on, according to Yip. A passenger on the bus told the SCMP that the bus was going "fast" and "didn't seem to slow down."

The impact of the collision catapulted the taxi forward about 50 meters while the bus continued to careen for about 100 meters down the highway, hitting barriers on both sides of the road, Yip said.
Source: DORRIS