Iraq flood

Updated: 12/3/2018 3:38:53 AM
The flood in the city of Mosul, northern Iraq killed at least four people and the flood casualty toll reached 21 over last week. Earlier, flood triggered by heavy rainfall in northern, eastern and southern provinces of Iraq killed 17 Iraqi citizens based on the official figures.
Source: DORRIS
Updated: 12/2/2018 4:20:57 AM
Iraqi authorities on Sunday declared a state of emergency after flash flooding and torrential rainfall battered Nineveh, further exacerbating the plight of the war-torn province.
In a statement, the provincial government urged "residents to stay away from the valley corridor as rescue teams are trying to take people out of the flooded areas".
Rainfall swept through several districts inside Nineveh's capital Mosul, as well as the south of the province, where eyewitnesses said the water level had risen to seven meters in Gassab Valley.
Source: DORRIS

Published Saturday, December 1, 2018

At least seven people died and thousands fled their homes in flash floods around the northern Iraqi town of Shirqat on Friday, its mayor said.

The state news agency also reported floods in the southern province of Dhi Qar, saying that a house there collapsed killing two of its occupants.

The floods, after unusually heavy and early rainfall in recent weeks, have piled more pressure on Iraq's new government to provide services and fix infrastructure in provinces hard-hit by the 2014-17 war against Islamic State militants, and by years of neglect that critics blame on corruption.

"Some 3,000 people are now homeless after fleeing their villages," Shirqat Mayor Ali Dodah said.

Officials in Tikrit, the Salahuddin provincial capital, called for rescue helicopters to be sent to help with evacuations.
Source: DORRIS

Iraq flood Facts

Power: 0
Affected Area: 100 km.
Alert Level: Yellow
Category: Met
Response: Execute
Severity: Severe
Urgency: Immediate
Certainty: Observed

Killed: 21
Evacuated: 3000

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