Iraq ferry capsize

Updated: 3/23/2019 5:03:48 AM
A ferry sank Thursday in Iraq's Tigris River, leaving 100 people dead and dozens injured, Iraq's Interior Ministry said in a written statement. The boat was reportedly carrying 170 passengers to a small tourist island when it sank near Mosul, the capital of Nineveh province in northern Iraq. Rescue teams have so far managed to pull at least 12 survivors from the river, according to local officials.
Source: DORRIS

Published Friday, March 22, 2019

An overcrowded ferry capsized in the Tigris River near Mosul, killing at least 83 people during Nowruz and Mother's Day celebrations on Thursday, officials said.

Among the victims were at least 12 children, according to health ministry spokesman Saif al-Badr.

Of the nearly 150 people who were on board, about 41 people have been rescued, the spokesman said.

The ferry was transporting people from a bank of the river to a small tourist island called Umm al-Rabeein.

It capsized halfway because of high water levels in the river, according to Nineveh Mayor Abd al-Sattar Habu.

Rescue teams were able to recover a number of bodies from the river, and search operations are ongoing, he said.

"The Department of Water Resources warned a few days ago that the level of water will rise as a result of the opening of dams," Habu added.

The ferry was loaded with over twice the permitted capacity, Civil Defense General Manager Brigadier Malik Bohan told state-owned Al Iraqiya.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul al-Mahdi ordered an immediate investigation and demanded the findings be presented to him within 24 hours, according to a statement.
Source: DORRIS

Iraq ferry capsize Facts

Power: 0
Affected Area: 1 km.
Alert Level: Green
Category: Other
Response: None
Severity: Minor
Urgency: Immediate
Certainty: Observed

Killed: 100
Evacuated: 55

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