SE China heavy rainfall

Updated: 7/14/2019 6:23:31 AM
According to data released by China's Ministry of Emergency Management, a total of 19.91 million people have been affected by floods since the beginning of flood season this summer. A total of 34 000 homes collapsed and over 1.76 million hectares (4.34 million acres) of crops were damaged. 1.3 million people were relocated and 582 000 in need of emergency aid.
Source: DORRIS

Published Sunday, July 14, 2019

Weather authorities said the affected region saw 51% higher rainfall this week than in corresponding periods of previous years and the largest since 1961.

Buildings and streets were flooded in some of the worst-hit areas and trains along the Beijing-Guangzhou railway delayed after rising waters blocked a bridge in the southern province of Hunan, state television said, as reported by Reuters.

The latest episode has caused losses of 2.69 billion yuan ($392 million), with 126 100 hectares (311 600 acres) of farmland damaged and 1 600 homes collapsed, the Ministry of Emergency Management has estimated.

As of July 11, media report 3 fatalities and 3 missing persons in Youxian County (Hunan Province), and one missing person in Guangxi Province.

The Ministry of Emergency Management added that 77 000 people have been evacuated. The areas which were impacted were Hunan and Jiangxi province, eastern Zhejiang which is the southeastern province of Fujian.

Yangtze River is set to go beyond its warning level for the first time this year. The rainfall in the south may go beyond the average by 30 to 70% on a ten-day span.
Source: DORRIS