San Francisco earthquake

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Published Friday, January 5, 2018

A 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck early Thursday in Berkeley, California, according to a preliminary report from the US Geological Survey, jolting some residents of the densely populated San Francisco Bay area awake in their beds.

The Los Angeles Times reports the quake was centered along the Oakland-Berkeley border and felt throughout the region -- including at San Francisco International Airport -- for five to 10 seconds around 2:37 a.m. PT. The epicenter was near the dangerous Hayward fault, but the U.S. Geological Survey says no significant damage or injuries are expected. "

Some residents in the area told CNN affiliate KPIX that the quake shook them awake. A quake of this intensity generally would produce moderate shaking felt by nearly everyone near the epicenter, awakening many people and having the potential to break some windows and dishes, the USGS says.
Source: DORRIS

San Francisco earthquake Facts

Power: 4.4
Affected Area: 95 km.
Alert Level: Green
Category: Geo
Response: Assess
Severity: Extreme
Urgency: Past
Certainty: Observed

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