Snow Storm USA

Updated: 1/8/2018 6:49:43 AM
More than a 30 cm of snow was forecast for Boston and coastal areas of northern New England, with as much as 7.6 cm per hour forecast, a pace that made it difficult for plow crews to keep roads clear. Officials feared that fast-dropping temperatures after the storm passed would turn remaining snow on roadways to ice. High tides also caused flooding in parts of coastal Massachusetts, with seawater rising near buildings, including a hotel and along Boston's historic Long Wharf, a popular tourist attraction. The water tied a four-decade-old flood record, the National Weather Service's office said.
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Updated: 1/8/2018 6:48:26 AM
Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for New York City on Thursday as heavy snow and powerful winds battered the five boroughs. The "bomb cyclone" snowstorm is expected to get more intense through the afternoon, Cuomo said at a news conference. Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a winter weather emergency for the city, ordering workers to tow any cars that are blocking snow plows from clearing city streets. "The situation will deteriorate through the day, and the afternoon and evening rush hour we expect will be worse," the governor said. Blizzard-like conditions roiled public transit and grounded hundreds of flights out of the city on Thursday, officials said.
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Updated: 1/8/2018 6:47:36 AM
A state of emergency was in effect on parts of Maryland's Eastern Shore in response to a coastal winter storm. Gov. Larry Hogan issued the declaration late Wednesday night for the Lower Shore, including Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties. Ankle deep snow and wind gusts approaching 80 km/h covered the Ocean City Boardwalk, which was under a blizzard warning Thursday. Parts of Southern Maryland also reported significant snow accumulations.
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Updated: 1/8/2018 6:46:32 AM
Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday declared a state of emergency in four counties along the Jersey shore as a blizzard hit the state. In a tweet, the governor said he had made the emergency designation for Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean and Monmouth counties. "Please stay off the roads and stay sheltered and warm," he said. Christie had initially ordered a two-hour delay on Wednesday evening, but made the call for to close state offices as conditions worsened around the state. The governor ordered all "non-essential" employees who are not involved in the response to the storm to stay home.
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Updated: 1/8/2018 2:22:12 AM
Niagara Falls, on the border between the USA and Canada, has dramatically frozen over amid record-breaking low temperatures in the double digits.
Wind chill in some parts to the north is expected to be as long as -43 C, with widespread warnings of frostbite still in effect today.
The ongoing big freeze has so far been linked to up to 19 deaths including the death of three homeless people in Houston, Texas.
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Published Friday, January 5, 2018

East Coast residents are bracing for a deep freeze a day after a massive winter storm slammed the region with heavy snow, hurricane-force winds and coastal flooding. Forecasters predict that record-breaking cold air and strong winds will set people's teeth chattering from the mid-Atlantic to New England Friday and that the frigid weather will hang around through the weekend.

The storm began two days ago in the Gulf of Mexico and first struck the Florida Panhandle. By Thursday, it was wreaking havoc as blizzard warnings and states of emergency went into effect along the Eastern Seaboard. Wind gusts hit more than 70 mph in places and some areas saw as much as 18 inches of snow.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo declared a state of emergency for the southern part of the state, including New York City, Westchester County and Long Island, and Gov. Chris Christie declared a state of emergency in several New Jersey counties.

Schools in New York City are closed, as are many others across the region. State offices are closed in New Jersey.
Commuters are encouraged to avoid driving and use mass transit when possible. The snow, which caused a tumultuous morning commute, will affect the evening commute as well, so travel safely and leave yourself extra time.

In the South, Tallahassee, Florida saw snow and residents of southeast Georgia were treated to a rare half foot of snow. In New England, the powerful winds brought coastal flooding that reached historic levels in some communities with icy water overflowing piers, streets and restaurants and stranding some people who had to be rescued
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Snow Storm USA Facts

Power: 0
Affected Area: 3000 km.
Alert Level: Red
Category: Met
Response: Execute
Severity: Extreme
Urgency: Immediate
Certainty: Observed

Killed: 19

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